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REGMAN 2.0 – External PCP Airgun Regulator

REGMAN 2.0 – External PCP Airgun Regulator and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the REGMAN 2.0 – External PCP Airgun Regulator
  • High pressure regulator for air rifles.
  • Input pressure (male quick-connect) up to 6000 psi (other inputs available upon request)
  • Adjustable output pressure (female quick-connect) 0 psi to 6000 psi
  • Used with a PCP Fill Adaptor & fill whip (both sold separately)
  • PLEASE NOTE RegMan now has upgraded 2″ Stainless Steel gauges (PSI and BAR) Not pictured so click the link to see the upgraded gauges.


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Please scroll down to learn more about the REGMAN 2.0 – External PCP Airgun Regulator including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.



RegMan is an adjustable external pressure regulator that sits between your PCP fill adapter and the fill port on your PCP airgun.

Regulates Air Pressure

Turning the knob easily allows you to externally adjust (up or down) the pressure going into your PCP air gun. Once set, it holds a constant pressure.

Tune Pressure for Best Accuracy

Using the RegMan along with a chronograph you can experiment with different pressures and figure out what velocity works best for favorite projectile.

Bell Curve is GONE!

Say goodbye to the bell curve blues. Consistent pressure in the airgun's air reservoir ensures repeatable hammer strike force needed to open the valve. This ensures shot-to-shot consistency.

Save Air & Shoot Longer

Once you are tethered up to your air gun, you keep it connected until you are done with the shooting session. This means no stopping to fill the air gun or wasting air each time you bleed the system.

it's Red and Looks cool

And it matches the rest of our high-end stuff

Want to take it for a spin?

He turns on a dime and that is the size of the groups we like to see on paper at 50 yards

  • Thats with our guns, unfortunately not all PCP airguns are that accurate, so your mileage may very.

Easy to connect

No Tools Needed


Connect the Fill Adapter to your tank


Connect the Fill Adapter to the RegMan Input


Connect the Fill Whip to the RegMan Opuput


Connect the other end to your gun

And he weighs in at 2.3 lbs

Anything Else I need?

To connect this to a tank, and my PCP Air Gun?

There is nothing worse than getting excited and pulling the trigger on something, only to find out you don’t have everything on hand to make it work.  To connect the RegMan to your gun you are going to need a PCP fill adapter that connects to your tank.  This needs to have a bleed valve to remove all the pressure in the lines.  The RegMan is self-venting, however the process is a little more complicated vs just opening a bleed valve.  The other thing you will need is a male to female micro-bore fill whip that connects from the output of RegMan to your PCP air gun.

REGMAN 2.0 Introduction


Play Video

new fancy gauge?

A while back, we upgraded the gauge we use on our StickMan and RegMan products. Unfortunately, it’s not shown in the photos yet.  Here is a picture of the gauges you will have on your RegMan

Deluxe Stainless Steel Air Pressure Gauge

Whats new?

We brought the laser engraving process in-house

In the past we have had 2 to 4 week delays waiting for our RegMan’s to get through the engraving process at our local engraver.  That along with the desire to bring as much of our processes in-house where we can better control the quality and scheduling.    This was a another big expense/investment in the RegMan product, but we think you will appreciate our commitment to take things to the next level.  For your enjoyment here is a quick video showing the first RegMan off the new 50 watt fiber laser.  You can see what a great job it does on the RegMan.


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5 reviews for REGMAN 2.0 – External PCP Airgun Regulator

  1. George Bassler (verified owner)

    Just a wonderful well built made in the USA Regulator! These are the best people to deal with! The fastest shipping on the planet! Honest down to earth guys to deal with! I will be buying more from this company!

  2. Shepard (verified owner)

    Received the Regman yesterday, have not used it yet but will be very, very soon. Second review will follow!
    The piece is beautiful and well built. Very well packed. Communication from the start to followup is top notch. When I called to ask some questions, the conversation was super friendly and informative. You can tell the company genuinely cares about the product AND customers. Can’t wait to bench shoot with this!!

  3. John Parrish (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding regulator. The adjustment knob operates smoothly and the gages are very easy to read.
    This regulator outlet does not drift, even under load.
    I’ve also received the plastic storage case, with foam that hold the regulator in place. These two definitely go together.

  4. David Clem

    The Regman 2 has been the biggest game changer of any investment I’ve made in my airgun paraphernalia to date. The Regman 2 reduced the time and expense incurred when tuning and precision zeroing my unregulated airguns (not just big bores) to a tiny fraction of what I spent previous to owning this amazing little piece of kit. If you’re on the fence about the cost of this item, forget it and pull the trigger. It really will be one of the best time and money saving investments you will ever make if you have a lot of guns and love to precision tune. Now what I’d like to see is a Regman 2 in a form factor that could be hooked to a belt, and used for tethering to a 90ci buddy bottle in the field when hunting. That would take the practicality and reliability of hunting with unregulated big bores to a whole new level. One could tune using the RM 2 to what ever pressure they need for what ever size game they are hunting that particular outing and have the confidence of knowing that every shot will hit its exact intended POI. Build that and I’ll be buying that one too!

  5. Monte Buttell (verified owner)

    Totally impressed with the Regman 2.0 It has made my Airforce Condor a 1 hole shooter at 50m, very consistent from shot to shot. I can’t wait till it warms up outside so I an get it on my .457 Airforce.

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