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RegBoy External Regulator and Fill System for PCP Airguns

RegBoy External Regulator and Fill System for PCP Airguns and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the RegBoy External Regulator and Fill System for PCP Airguns
  • Compact external regulator for PCP airguns.
  • Input pressure (male quick-connect) up to 6000 psi (other inputs available upon request)
  • Adjustable output pressure (female quick-connect) 0 psi to 5000 psi
  • Mounts directly to a SCBA tank or any tank with a DIN-300 valve
  • Bleed valve allows removal with out changing Regulated pressure, allowing this to be used to safely fill PCP airguns
  • Includes a soft protective neoprene case
  • Female Quick Connect on the output side of the regulator, can be converted to a male quick connect with the included Male-to-Male fitting
  • Now Available with  Male Quick-connect on the input end to make it more versatile.
  • This requires a fill hose to connect to your airgun based on your needs Hoses can be found here
  • It is the customers responsibility to choose the proper input fitting.  This custom product carries  a 25% restocking fee for returns.


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Please scroll down to learn more about the RegBoy External Regulator and Fill System for PCP Airguns including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.



RegBoy is a high speed low drag adjustable external pressure regulator that mounts your high pressure air tank and regulates the pressure down to what is required by your PCP Airgun.  This unit is more compact and portable compared to our RegMan product.  This Regulator can also function as a PCP airgun fill system for your airgun, thereby eliminating one piece of gear in your PCP airgun kit.

We added a table of contents to this product page because it really does do so much.  The page will be a work in progress, you can check back from time to time by using your smart phone to scan the QR code on the RegBoy.

RegMan Product Table of Contents

Key Features

Regulates Air Pressure

Turning the knob easily allows you to externally adjust (up or down) the pressure going into your PCP air gun. Once set, it holds a constant pressure.

Tune Pressure for Best Accuracy

Using the RegBoy along with a chronograph you can experiment with different pressures and figure out what velocity works best for favorite projectile.

Bell Curve is GONE!

Say goodbye to the bell curve blues. Consistent pressure in the airgun's air reservoir ensures repeatable hammer strike force needed to open the valve. This ensures shot-to-shot consistency.

Save Air & Shoot Longer

Once you are tethered up to your air gun, you keep it connected until you are done with the shooting session. This means no stopping to fill the air gun or wasting air each time you bleed the system.

RegBoy Intro Video

How it Works

This short video will give you the general understanding of how it works.

What is Included?

Along with your RegBoy Regulator you will also receive…

Neoprene Case
RegBoy in case

A protective neoprene soft case to keep your RegBoy in will help protect it from the other stuff rolling around your shooting bag or case,  protecting your investment. 

Accessory Kit
RegBoy Accessory Case

What Else Do I Need?

You will need a high pressure tank and a fill hose to connect to your PCPAirgun

A High Pressure Tank

Not Included

A protective neoprene soft case to keep your RegBoy in will help protect it from the other stuff rolling around your shooting bag or case.  Protecting your investment. 

A Fill Hose to Connect to Your Gun

Not Included

Microbore hose with 90 degree female foster

You’ll need a high pressure rated microbore hose with quick connect fittings to connect your PCP Airgun up to the regulator.  Typically this would be a 48 inch hose with a male quick connect on one end (to attach to the regulator output) and a female quick connect on the other (to connect to your male quick connect port on your PCP Airgun.  If you have a Female to female hose, you can use the included male to male adapter to connect it to the regulator.  We make our custom hoses in house, and we make them in different lengths to suit your needs.  


Tanks it works with

RegMan will connect directly to high pressure air tanks that have either a SCBA CGA-347 or DIN-300 valve using a hand tight fitting, so no tools are required for connecting or disconnecting the regulator from your air tank.  It is important and it is your responsibility to know what kind of tank valve you have prior to ordering.  If you order the wrong one there will be a 25% restocking fee on this item.  If you are unsure please contact us before ordering.  

4500 psi SCBA Tanks
RegBoy external pcp airgun regulator on scba tank

Here are some other scba tank examples

Shows how easy it is to install the Thread Protector on a cga-347 tank
4500 psi DIN-300 Tanks
RegBoy Mounted on a DIN-300 Tank

Here are some other scba tank examples

In the above examples,  The fill whip can be removed from the valve.  This is what you do when you want to fill the tank at a dive shop.  Once this is unscrewed you can then Screw on the RegBoy DIN Regulator. 

RegBoy Uses

There are many ways to use your RegBoy Regulator, here are a few ideas to get you started

Filling a PCP Airgun

You can use your RegBoy Regulator to safely and accurately fill your PCP airgun.  There are two ways to do this.  The first way is to pre-set the RegBoy regulator (see the How it Works Video above) to the proper fill for your airgun, then bleed the air, and remove the deadhead.  Next attach the fill whip to your regulator and your gun.  Close the bleed valve on the regulator.  Now slowly crack the valve on the tank.  Continue letting the air slowly fill into the Regulator and you will see the RegBoy gauge showing some movement.   Then once the pressure in the fill system becomes greater than the current pressure in your airgun it will continue to move up a little slower until it reaches the reg set pressure.  At that point the air will stop moving into the airgun.  Now you can close the valve on the tank, bleed the air in the line, remove the fill whip from the gun.

Another way you can fill the airgun is to unload the regulator by backing out the adjustment nob.  Then you can connect the fill whip to your airgun.  Slowly crack the valve open on the tank.  Then slowly turn the regulator adjustment knob until the gauge reads your desired fill pressure.

Regulated Tethering to a PCP Airgun

If you want to shoot for long periods of time without having to stop and refill your air gun tethering is the way to go. When you tether your airgun you’ll have an endless flow of air until the bottle gets too low to use.  Another advantage of tethering your airgun is that you get to take it vantage of the regulated air coming from the regulator. This consistent air pressure translates to better shot to shot consistency.

The process of connecting your gun for tethering is the same as for filling your hair again but typically you’ll set the regulated pressure lower at whatever your guy likes to shoot at.

Help with Tuning a PCP Airgun

An external regulator can help with airgun tuning.  There are many different ways to tune an air gun for both accuracy and air efficiency.   We’re not going to give advice on Aragon tuning, but there’s plenty of sources on the web that cover that. With an external regulator and a chronograph you can change the operating pressure of the gun.  This can be used to find the right speed for a pellet or slug, or help you with barrel harmonics.

RegBoy vs. RegMan

We also make a RegMan Regulator.  The RegBoy is designed to mount directly to an air tank, the RegMan is not.   The RegMan was designed to sit on the shooting table or bench.  The RegMan has two gauges, making it easier to see both the tank pressure and the reg set pressure at the same time.

RegBoy Ordering Configurations

FAQ Section

If you don’t see your answer below, feel free to contact us with your questions.

You can use the output-side quick-connector to fill smaller tanks. But you cannot push air in the opposite direction or you risk damaging the regulator.

Yes the DIN version of RegBoy will still work as a regulator and fill system, but you will not be able to see the pressure on the tank side of the regulator, just the out put pressure on the gauge.

Yes the RegBoy has an adjustable regulator, so you can move it from gun to gun.  Just make a note for what pressure each gun likes.

  • Yes, as long as they use the same regulated pressure.  For instance if you had two airguns that had a 3000 psi fill pressure you could use our TeeMan along with some additional hoses to connect both the guns to the same tank and RegMan.  This will get you more shooting and less refilling.  This will also prevent you from wasting air each time you bleed the air from the line to move the fill hose from one to another PCP Airgun.

No, because we need to pressure test the units to make sure they function ok before they leave.

The short story is we make the RegBoy in smaller runs which drives the cost up for obvious reasons. 

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Input Connection

SCBA CGA-347, DIN 300, Male Quick-connect

1 review for RegBoy External Regulator and Fill System for PCP Airguns

  1. lfrankojr (verified owner)

    I purchased the RegBoy External Regulator SCBA CGA-347 System, the quality and craftsmanship surpassed my expectations, the included Accessory Kit is great.
    Air Tanks Plus online ordering is quick and easy. I recommend adding the optional “Priority Mail Shipping”, it’s worth $5 more (Sacramento, Ca to Cleveland, Oh two days !!!). Customer Service is knowledgeable, courteous, and returning your phone calls.
    It’s been a real pleasure doing business with Air Tanks Plus.
    Thanks again Roger and Gene !

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