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Our passion is Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) airguns, our business is helping you fill them…

PCP airguns are the closest thing you will find to a powder burner firearm. With the cost of ammunition sky rocketing and supplies drying up in retail stores many of you who enjoy hunting and plinking will seek alternative ways to still enjoy the sport. The cost of shooting a PCP airgun can be a fraction of the cost of shooting a firearm plus PCP airguns can be as powerful as their powder burner cousins, in fact they can do most of the jobs associated with firearms such as target shooting, pest control and taking large game such as deer. PCP airguns can be very accurate, some can even reach out past 100 yards. You have many options available which allows you to select the PCP airgun that best suits your needs and budget. Once you determine the PCP airgun that fills your needs, we have a solution that fills your airgun…

Our goal is simple, we want to educate you on PCP airguns and the different options for filling them. We hope once we do our best to educate you on the different solutions available, you will become one of our loyal customers and share this site with your friends.

Why we started this site.

atp-web-logo-150pxAir Tanks Plus was created by two air gun enthusiasts who made the transition to PCP airguns 5 years ago. When we jumped in there were no resources like this website to help us sort out what we needed and how to put the bits and pieces together. First we bought the tanks and then found all the parts to make a fill adaptor for the type of tank we had . Then we had to figure out where to get our our tanks filled. To be honest…it was a pain in the rear. Up until now it has been something we all could consider a right of passage that every PCP airgun newbie or seasoned veteran has to go through. Once you solve the mystery of how and what to use to charge your airgun it is for the most part…smooth sailing.

Our love for PCP air guns just kept evolving and 4 years ago Roger Seher started a airgun forum called based on a PCP air rifle that Crosman Corporation created called the Benjamin Marauder, Roger Seher (aka SacShooter ) and Gene Webber ( aka Masked Marauder) have been moderators on the forum from the start. We have seen the same questions related to filling PCP airguns pop up all the time. Rogers first goal to help PCP airgun users was to create an online service called where people can search and share air fill locations. We are taking it a step further by providing tanks and filling solutions to our fellow forum members and to you.



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