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Air Tanks Plus

SCUBA Compressors and Equipment

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Key Advantages to Alkin Compressors

Alkin High Pressure Breathable Air Compressors

Alkin W31Compressor line
(5000 PSI, 3.5 – 4.9 CFM)

Alkin Compressors W31 Product Line

Alkin W32 Compressor line
(5000 psi,  11.3 CFM)

Alkin W32 Horizontal Compressor Lineup
Alkin W32 Canopy Compressor

SCUBA Fill Stations

Wall Mount or Fully Contained

Alkin Scuba Fill Station Line

Air Storage Tanks

4500 psi

Nitrogen Blenders

Surface Supply Hookah Air Compressor​s

Dive Shop Operators

Along with providing for your high pressure air needs Air Tanks Plus offers products that you can resell to the PCP Airgun Owners that come into your shop looking for Air Tank fills.

Air Tanks Plus Stuff for dive shop operators

Alkin Scuba Compressors & Equipment

At, we’re proud to introduce our new section dedicated to scuba compressors and related equipment. Explore a wide range of high-quality products designed specifically for the diving industry. Our selection includes Alkin Compressors, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability since 1992.

Choose from a variety of Alkin Compressor systems, offering charge rates ranging from 3.7 to 50 SCFM, with a maximum pressure of 6000 PSIG. Our collection also features specialized nitrox blending compressors, allowing scuba enthusiasts to create a complete and customized system.

When it comes to air quality, we go above and beyond industry standards. Our Alkin Compressors are designed to comply with EN12021 & CGA E Grade air quality requirements, ensuring the utmost purity and safety of the breathing air. For added peace of mind, our fill stations exceed NFPA standards and undergo rigorous third-party certification.

Dependability and safety are paramount to Alkin Scuba Compressors. We integrate cutting-edge technology and use only the highest quality materials to ensure top-notch performance. Every compressor undergoes a meticulous quality control process, guaranteeing unrivaled safety and reliability. With Alkin, divers can trust that they’ll receive ultra-pure breathing air underwater while enjoying complete satisfaction.

Explore our certifications page to view the independent certifications that validate our commitment to excellence.