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ATP Keychain with Pellet Diameter Sizes

ATP Keychain with Pellet Diameter Sizes and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the ATP Keychain with Pellet Diameter Sizes
  • Impress your friends by showing off your Air Tanks Plus Keychain.
  • Use it to explain the different pellet sizes available to air gun enthusiasts.
  • Includes one red (which is our brand color) anodized aluminum keychain.
  • The bright red color will help you locate keys if you happen to drop them well in the outdoors.
  • We finishes off in house with our laser engraver when it’s not busy doing other stuff…
  • Please pass along any other ideas you have for keychains what would you like to see on the back side?

Original price was: $5.97.Current price is: $4.97.

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