We fill your PCP AIRGUN needs!

Air Tanks Plus has everything you'll need to fill your PCP airguns with high pressure air.

We all know you can buy your PCP – pre-charged airguns from many places on the internet at competitive prices.  Unfortunately it takes more than a PCP airgun to send the pellets down range.  Most places that are trying to sell you a PCP airgun don’t want you to think about the extra hidden costs involved to make the whole thing work.   Here at Air Tanks Plus we want you to be educated and armed with the right information. 

When it's time for air, it is time to care. We are the leading trusted brand for helping you fill your PCP airgun. We sell what we use to fill our own airguns it's called Stikman. The short story is that we designed it from the ground up with the features we wanted, and it blows the competition away.

Roger Seher

PCP Airgun Fittings

We carry a bunch of different fittings you may need for your PCP Airgun. From quick-connects to BSPP Fill probe adapters

About Stikman

Stikman is a PCP Fill adaptor that we built from the ground up to fill PCP airguns. It is compact, easy to use. It features a 48" microbore fill hose with a stainless steel female foster fitting that connects to most PCP airguns.

Please Note

  • Stikman only works on SCBA (fireman type) Tanks that have CGA-347 valves
  • Some airguns use fill probes that require a BSPP adaptor.  Don’t worry we have them here

Stikman PCP Fill Adaptor

The Stikman PCP Fill adaptor connects up to a SCBA tank and allows you to fill your PCP airgun. Includes a protective case.
Most Popular

Stikman & Cascademan Combo

This kit includes a STIKMAN and a Cascade Fill adaptor. With this you can take advantage of the built in cascading feature of Stikman and cascade fill your airgun from two SCBA tanks. Without disconnecting your fill adaptor. This saves air and lets you get more useable air out of the tank before you need to refill it.
Bigbore Guys


Cascade fill adaptor. With this adaptor you can use your existing Stikman to cascade fill your airgun from two SCBA tanks. Without disconnecting your fill adaptor.

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Used SCBA Tanks

What is a PCP airgun?

A PCP airgun is a with an integrated high pressure air reservoir, that is charged (or filled up) with anywhere from 2,000 – 4,500 psi.  This reservoir is the power source for the airgun and what propels the pellet  or cast bullet out the end of the airgun.  You can picture this like a rechargeable battery so to speak.  You charge it up and you run it down (by shooting pellets in our case) to a certain point where the remaining pressure becomes too low to push the pellets fast enough.  Then you need to plug it in and re-charge it back up to the full mark.  

Ways to fill a PCP airgun

Hill PCP Hand Pump

Hand Pump

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Air Tanks

Air tanks are the easiest and fastest way to fill your PCP airgun.

Air Venturi 4500 psi Compressor


We sell air compressors. Great option for people who use a lot of air or can't get bottles refilled locally.