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Stikman Mascot holding a sign begging for air

You know you’re addicted to PCP airguns when you find yourself begging your buddies for air so you can get back in the zone and sling some more lead down range. Do you have a funny story about running low on air? If you do please add it in the comments:’)

2020 Squirrel Hunting Trip Walk-around

Some drone video shot during our last PCP airgun squirrel hunting trip.  The squirrels go down in the afternoon, during the break I decided to fly the drone around and follow Gene around as he walks around.   This is a long video so you may want to use a link below to watch it on […]

New Product KapMan – Fill Port Protector

KapMan PCP Fill Protector

KapMan looks great, and protects your pcp air gun KapMan clips over the male foster / quick-disconnect fitting used to fill PCP air guns and pantball tanks.  Unlike megnetic fill caps that rely on a magnetic attraction, ours clips around the male foster fitting to hold it’s self in place.  So, how do you keep […]

Bagman Mini Tank Bag

Finally something to carry smaller tanks around in I am a big fan of the smaller high pressure tanks for convenience and portability.  Sometimes you don’t need to lug a big 88CF scba tank around just to fill your PCP airgun a few times.  When I’m not going to need a lot of air like […]

Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – First Groups at 75 & 100 yards

The First groups I shot with the Airforce Texan .308 leave a lot of room for improvement.  I think the shooter can do better once I get used to the gun.  Please don’t take this as a direct reflection on the guns ability.   A few quick notes as I reflect back on after shooting […]

Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – First look Photos

If you are like us you have been waiting for the .308 Texan for a long time.  Now that it is finally started shipping, I have been searching the web and youtube for anything related to the texan .308.  I wanted more info like chroney strings, and accuracy testing.   I could not find anything […]