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STIKMAN is an easy to use SCBA PCP fill system that is both lightweight and compact.

  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cascade fill feature. (see notes, or use our Cascade Man)
  • 48″ Microbore hose with female Foster quick connect fitting.
  • Male quick connect fitting to store hose when not in use.
  • Includes a soft protective carry case with hanging hook.

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STIKMAN… The ultimate fill system for PCP airguns.

STIKMAN is a purpose built PCP fill adaptor/fill station. While others build a pcp fill adaptor using bulky heavy fittings, STIKMAN was designed from the ground up to be a PCP filling tool with no wasted space or bulk. It was designed to be used to fill PCP air guns…so it has all the right stuff in all the right places. It includes a 48″ microbore hose to allow you to easily fill your PCP airgun whether the tank is sitting on the ground next to your shooting bench, or resting next to your air gun. The air bleed system safely blows air away from the operator. STIKMAN has a place to store the female Foster fitting when not being used to fill the gun, this prevents the hose from falling into the dirt where contamination will occur.

Get your own STIKMAN today and you will be ready for your next adventure.


What kind of tanks will STIKMAN work with?

scbavalveSTIKMAN was designed to be used with the SCBA tanks that utilize a CGA347 & CGA346 valves. They are the kind of tanks used by firefighters and rescue personnel. The valve on these tanks looks like this.

How to fill your pcp airgun with the Stikman PCP fill adaptor

Even if you already have a SCBA fill system, you still may want to pick up a STIKMAN for the cascade fill feature.

Cascade fill feature

The integrated one way valve on the male foster can be used to cascade fill systems together, or you can use our Cascade Man. This feature is something most of you may never use, but if you ever need it…it will be there. This feature can be used to help squeeze more useable air out of depleted tanks. First you make sure the SCBA tank with the most pressure is connected to the STIKMAN, then you connect any other HPA (high pressure air) fill system that has a hose with a female quick-connect fitting to the tank with the lowest amount of air. Then connect the STIKMAN’s fill hose to the airgun you want to fill. Ensure all bleed valves are closed. Then open the lowest tank’s valve (this will charge the whole system) and start filling the air gun. If the lowest tank can not completely fill airgun, just close off its valve. Then slowly open the valve on the tank connected to the STIKMAN to finish filling the airgun. When done filling the airgun use the bleed valve on STIKMAN to bleed the air out of both lines.




Additional information

Tank Compatibility

STIKMAN was designed to be used with the SCBA tanks that utilize a CGA347 & CGA346 valves. They are the kind of tanks used by firefighters and rescue personnel.

2 reviews for STIKMAN – SCBA PCP Fill System

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stuart (verified owner)

    I ordered a STIKMAN – SCBA PCP fill system for my Benjamin Marauder pistol. The hardware was delivered very promptly, and could not have been easier to use for quickly filling my air gun from an SCBA tank that I ordered from eBay and had filled to 4500 PSI at a local dive shop. The STIKMAN system is compact and streamlined, but seems to be of very high quality throughout. The service and support from AirTanksPlus was absolutely top-notch. I could not recommend STIKMAN or the support team behind it any more highly.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Duke (verified owner)

    Well made made and worth the money. Not to mention fantastic customer service with very fast turnaround times. Gene you are awesome.

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