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Molykote 33 Airgun Silicone Grease

Molykote 33 Airgun Silicone Grease and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the Molykote 33 Airgun Silicone Grease

Molykote pure DOW 33 Airgun Silicone Grease.

1/4oz. w/twist off lid.


10 in stock

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There are many different lubricants used in HPA airgun applications, but only one is widely recommended by airgun tuners – DOW 33. This is the real stuff, DOW33 Medium.

Note: DOW 33 is recommended for o-rings in most airgun HPA applications.  Check with your airguns manual to see whether DOW 33 grease is recommended.

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1/4oz. ( 0.25 oz.)

Material sheet


1 review for Molykote 33 Airgun Silicone Grease

  1. James J Maines

    Good stuff!

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