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Some drone video shot during our last PCP airgun squirrel hunting trip.  The squirrels go down in the afternoon, during the break I decided to fly the drone around and follow Gene around as he walks around.   This is a long video so you may want to use a link below to watch it on youtube.  Below the description you will find links to each section.

Chapter Timestamps: 00:00 Drone Intro 00:23 Gene on the Ground 00:48 Squirrel #1 76 Yards 01:42 Damage Caused by Squirrels 02:27 Squirrel #2 88 Yards 02:49 Squirrel #3 Neck Shot 03:28 Squirrel #4 99 Yards 04:36 Squirrel #5 Neck Shot 05:12 Squirrel #6 Juvenile 06:12 Squirrel Feeding Habits 07:08 Pivot Irrigation System 07:47 How the Alfalfa is used 09:58 Walking back to Truck 10:34 Squirrel #7 95 Yards 12:55 The Shooting Trailer 13:20 The Airgun Slug Shooters 14:08 360 Degree Shooting Tables 14:44 The Scopes 15:11 Swaged Hollow Point Slugs 15:55 Truck Bat Wing Awning 16:40 Drone Footage Outtro Please Share This Video: