Air Tanks Plus

Air Tanks Plus

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Safety First when dealing with air guns and HPA – High Pressure Air
We choose the products we sell based on safety then function. The tanks are of the highest quality and the Valves and or regulators meet all laws and certifications.

Some guidelines to reduce your risk include:

  1. Always wear eye protection.
  2. Wearing gloves is recommended.
  3. Handle Carbon fiber tanks carefully and never drop one, or drag it across rough surfaces.
  4. Always bleed of the air in the line before disconnecting the quick connect fitting.
  5. Never turn on the valve on a tank or charging adaptor without the quick connect securely attached to the air gun. The Air rushing through the hose will cause it to whip around with extreme force (this is why you see short hoses most of the time)
  6. Never leave a full tank in direct sunlight or store in a warm vehicle, the air in the tank will expand as the temperature warms up the bottle. This could cause the burst disk to give way. The burst disk is a safety feature to protect the tank any you from over pressurizing the tank.
  7. Always secure your tank before transporting it, If a tank is allowed to roll around the tank may be damaged or the valve could open.