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Visual Moisture & CO Indicator

Visual Moisture & CO Indicator and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the Visual Moisture & CO Indicator
  • Visual Moisture and CO indicator
  • Helps determine if your filter element is working, and when it needs to be changed.
  • Please Note: This requires one of the Accessories below which are sold separately.



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Please scroll down to learn more about the Visual Moisture & CO Indicator including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.


Moisture & CO indicator (“Eyeball”) – a disc/element (not included) inside changes color in the presence of moisture or carbon monoxide allowing you to get a better idea of your air quality than just smelling it, and much earlier warning it is time to change the filter.

The visual indicator allows an operator to see a moisture indicating card in the high pressure line. The cards are seen through a high strength plastic window.  The moisture card is divided into sections which progressively change color from blue to pink as moisture increases. Alternately other visual color changing indicators including a carbon monoxide indicator are available. Moisture indication tells when to change chemical drying cartridges.

Normally cartridges should be changed when the indicator shows 40 to 60% relative humidity downstream of the dryer. Under high pressure, 60% relative humidity is still very dry air. For example, 3000 PSI air with a relative humidity of 60% has a dew point of -480 F.

The indicator cards are easily removed and changed from the front of the unit. No access to the back of the unit or disconnecting of lines is required. No tools are required. Pressure must be released before opening.
Indicator card, part number 592-5, shows relative humidities of 40 and 60%. Indicator, part number 592- 6, shows both relative humidity and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air stream.

However, the carbon monoxide indicator responds slowly over a period of several minutes so it only provides an adequate warning for slowly changing conditions.  Consequently it should be considered only a back-up to faster responding electronic instruments if carbon monoxide build ups can occur. Also note that the CO buttons have a shelf life of about 1 year. The buttons are date marked. Do not use them beyond a year from this date. Consult the factory for further details. To install the element, unscrew the cap (2). The element (7or8) is then placed in the housing with the active side facing the window (3) to permit visual observation.  When reinstalling the cap, insure the spring is in place to hold the element against the window. Tighten hand tight. No tools are necessary. See instructions with indicator elements for further details



Series Designation: 585 Series

Type: Moisture & CO Indicator

Maximum Rated Pressure: 5000 psi

Inlet Port Size: 1/4 in. FNPT

Outlet Port Size: 1/4 in. FNPT

Outlet Pressure Rating: 6000 psi

Leakage: Bubble Tight

Weight: 180 g

Overall Length: 2.7 in.

Round Diameter: 1.5 in.

Minimum Temperature: -15 ºF

Body Material: Anodized Aluminum

Internal Materials: Lexan Window  Stainless

Seal Materials: Viton

Accessories: Humidity Element: P/N 592-5 or Humidity & CO Element: P/N 592-6 (sold separately)


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