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SCUBA DIN Hand Tight Adapter to male Quick-connect

SCUBA DIN Hand Tight Adapter to male Quick-connect and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the SCUBA DIN Hand Tight Adapter to male Quick-connect

Before ordering please fully understand what you are ordering or you could ( paint yourself into a corner)

We sell this in two flavors.

  • The Standard with bi-directional airflow:
    • This can be used with any tank with a DIN Female Fitting
    • Air can flow both ways (into the tank or out of the tank)
  • A special one with a One-way check valve
    • This allows air to flow in one direction.  The air  will only flow from the male quick connect into the tank through the DIN fitting.
    • This is designed for allowing the valve on the tank to be opened withought any air flowing from the quick connect.
    • So this will act like a paint ball tank.
    • THIS MUST only be installed in a tank valve with an integrated bleed valve so the pressure can be relieved after the valve is closed.  Otherwise you won’t be able to remove this fitting from the valve (thus painting your self into a corner) 
    • IF you have questions please call before ordering
    • Stainless Steel 4,500 psi rated


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Please scroll down to learn more about the SCUBA DIN Hand Tight Adapter to male Quick-connect including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.


The One-way check valve option works great for filling a tank from a small compressor.  Because you can purge off the line pressure off between the tank and compressor (without closing the tank valve first).  This allows you to purge the line pressure off before stopping and starting the compressor.  

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Male Quick-connect Option

Open – Air can flow in both directions, One-Way Check Valve – Read and Understand Warnings


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