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Nomad Portable PCP Airgun Compressor AC / DC

Nomad Portable PCP Airgun Compressor AC / DC and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the Nomad Portable PCP Airgun Compressor AC / DC
  • Adjustable auto-shutoff
  • Pressures up to 4500 psi
  • Integrated LED lights on underside of the unit for low light use
  • Capable of running off of a 110V or 220V outlet or 12V car battery
  • Power supply for electrical outlet use is built into the unit
  • Compressor includes carrying handle
  • Fan-Cooled
  • External Lubrication Port (Use Silicone Lubricant only)
  • Jumper Cables included
  • Hose w/ integrated moisture catch and female QD fittings
  • Noise level while running is 92 dB.
  • Dimensions: 10.6″ L x 8″ W x 7.9″
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Ships with travel bag for easy transportation


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Please scroll down to learn more about the Nomad Portable PCP Airgun Compressor AC / DC including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.


Please Note: The Nomad II is recommended for filling PCP guns only and is not to be used for breathing air.

We do this to figure out what the average cost is to ship this product to different locations.  In the mean time you win with free shipping:’)


This product works well for filling your PCP airgun out in the field using your (running vehicle) as a DC power source by connecting the nomad to your battery.


Approximate fill times


  • Benjamin Marauder Pistol (65cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 3 min
  • Diana Stormrider (100cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 3:45 min
  • Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC (231cc): 1450-2900 psi in approx. 5:30 min
  • Ataman M2R Carbine Ultra Compact (130cc): 0-4350 psi in approx. 8 min
  • Evanix Rainstorm (250cc): 0 – 3000 psi in approx. 9 minutes
  • Airforce Texan (490cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 17 min

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 15.9 × 13.4 in


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