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Ninja PCP 90 Fill System

Ninja PCP 90 Fill Systemand other useful stuff

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Key Features of the Ninja PCP 90 Fill System
  • Lowest entry level cost for a high quality and efficient fill solution that delivers many fills.
  • Tether to your airgun for a hassle free shooting session (no repeated filling).
  • Every thing you need to easily fill your PCP Airgun.
  • Easy and cheap to refill at many paintball locations.
  • Fits in a back pack.

Kit Includes:

  • Tank with regulator installed.
  • PCP airgun fill station with fill hose.
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Please scroll down to learn more about the Ninja PCP 90 Fill System including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.


This is the premier “COMPLETE” low cost filling solution for the PCP airgun enthusiast. This fill kit has everything you need to safely and easily fill your airgun. Getting started in PCP airgun shooting can add up to a sizable investment, not to mention researching and tracking down all the bits and pieces needed for a complete shooting system. This package delivers a top quality system by Ninja Paintball for filling PCP airguns, a well known and respected company who stands behind their products with a no nonsense warranty and direct “one on one” customer support when and if you need it.

So, if you are just getting started into PCP airguns or adding to your air filling options, give this Air Tanks Plus solution a serious look.

You may be able to save a little money on a PCP fill kit if you already have or can get a hold of a used paintball tank on ebay. See our 4500 PSI Paintball Tank Conversion Kit for more info.

Tank & Regulator Specifications:

  • 4500psi Carbon Fiber 90cu. Tank.
  • Regulated Output pressure (factory set) from 1200 psi up to 3000psi. maximum.
  • 4.5″ diameter, 13″ tall less than 5 pounds!

Ninja PCP regulator specs

Custom output regulators are not an exact science. Each high output regulator is hand-built and tested to ensure consistent output pressures and fast flow rates. When a regulator is ordered, you must order these in even number psi increments. Example: 1200psi, 1400psi, 1600psi, 1800psi, 2000psi, all the way up to 3000psi. We (Ninja Paintball) are given a 100psi swing in either direction since again, this is not an exact science. Ninja Paintball will get as close to the desired output pressure as possible and its rare that we encounter regulators with that much of a swing in either direction.

When Ninja Paintball receives an order, the order is hand built. Since custom output regulators to do not use off the shelf parts, we have to do substantial testing on the regulator to ensure it will output at the correct pressure and not have any issues. We also hand build each order as they come in so we do not have a bunch of cylinders sitting on the shelf in the warehouse getting old. We receive shipments each week to ensure you receive the freshest bottles possible with freshly manufactured regulators.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Select Regulator Output Pressure:

1200psi, 1400psi, 1600psi, 1800psi, 2000psi, 2200psi, 2400psi, 2600psi, 2800psi, 3000psi


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