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Evanix 480cc Carbon Fiber HPA Bottle

Evanix 480cc Carbon Fiber HPA Bottleand other useful stuff

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Key Features of the Evanix 480cc Carbon Fiber HPA Bottle
  • Weight 410gms/14 3/8oz.
  • Fill pressure 250bar/3625psi.
  • M18-1.5 thread fits: Air Force Condor, Talon; Daystate; FX Airguns.
  • Free shipping to continental USA only.
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Please note the threads on this bottle are not compatible with the threads on the ninja regulators.

This is the ultimate air bottle for your bottle gun or your bottle gun conversion project.

Most guns and bottles can only be charged to around 3000psi, this carbon fiber wrapped bottle is lighter than the aluminum ones and can be filled to 3625psi which equals a lot of shots. In the conversion below this AA s410 used to get 40 shots per fill. Now it gets 90 to 100 regulated shots.


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