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We have Air Tanks For Sale. Save money with used SCBA tanks. 4500 psi SCBA tanks work great for filling your PCP airguns. Our SCBA tanks have a tank pressure gauge built in to the fill valve. This makes it easy to grab a tank and check the remaining pressure in the tank. Before purchasing a scba tank please do your research and find a place that can fill them to 4500 psi. Along with a scba tank you will need a pcp fill adaptor that connects to the tank and attaches to your airgun. We recommend our Stikman Fill Adaptor.

All scba tanks have a born on or manufactured date on the label. Currently SCBA tanks have a service life of 15 years from date of manufacture. After the 15 years has passed you will not be able to get your tank filled, unless you choose to fill it yourself, or send it in to have the rank tested and re certified for an additional 15 year life extension ( this currently cost $300 per tank) scba tanks also require a hydro test every 5 years

Advantages of SCBA tanks over the “all in one tanks” marketed to airgun people.

All in one tanks have the fill system integrated into the tank valve, this drives the cost per tank up. With a scba pcp fill system, you move the fill adaptor to the tank you want to use. This allows one fill system to work with many tanks. If you want to cascade fill (fill from two tanks to make the air go farther) check out our Stikman and cascade man combo.

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