How to Fill PCP Airguns

how-fill-pcp-airguns-2There are three different ways you can fill your PCP airgun, ranging from low to high cost options.   PCP airguns can be filled by a high pressure hand pump, high pressure air tank, or directly from a high pressure compressor.

Tell them how to fill the gun, then the different ways and effort required to do it. for each way


Hand Pump

The pros and cons…

Please note in the above video, he only pumps a few times in many cases,  it will be close to 200 pump strokes.

Cons Moisture, hard work, more time spent pumping than shooting.

High Pressure Air Tank – HPA


  • By far the easiest way to fill your airgun.
  • Spend more time shooting and less time filling.


  • Expensive buy in, but once you can fill one PCP airgun, you can fill others (some will require special adapters)
  • You Must be able to fins a place locally that can fill it.


The pros and cons…

Best Tank Fill Combo for PCP Airguns

A used SCBATank & STIKMAN:') Buying Guides By: Budget (Buy in/ or cost per fill) Portability(easy to transport/ or bench rest ) Expandability Types of guns (.177 - bigbore)

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Which Solution is Best

In this section we will go over the different ways to fill an airgun with the pros and cons of each.

Firearms to PCP Airguns

If your transitioning from shooting firearms into PCP Airrifles we are here to help.