Air Tanks Plus

Air Tanks Plus

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looks great, and protects your pcp air gun

KapMan clips over the male foster / quick-disconnect fitting used to fill PCP air guns and pantball tanks.  Unlike megnetic fill caps that rely on a magnetic attraction, ours clips around the male foster fitting to hold it’s self in place. 

So, how do you keep dirt, water, and bugs out of the male “Foster” fill port on your air gun? Simple! KapMan to the rescue! Introducing the Air Tanks Plus fill port cap…we call it “KapMan”. KapMan snaps on to any 1/8” Foster style male quick connect. No rubber to break and fall off, and it has no magnet which will not work on most stainless steel fittings.

  • Simple…
  • Effective…
  • And looks darn cool…


😉 Your air gun super hero…”KapMan

To learn more about Kapman please visit the KapMan product page

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