Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – Slugging it Out

Today Gene Slugged the barrel of the texan .308, and here are the pictures…    

Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – First Groups at 75 & 100 yards

The First groups I shot with the Airforce Texan .308 leave a lot of room for improvement.  I think the shooter can do better once I get used to the gun.  Please don’t take this as a direct reflection on the guns ability.   A few quick notes as I reflect back on after shooting […]

Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – Quick Chroney Test with 111gr Cast Bullets

The Texan .308 with a 3000 psi fill using 111 gr. cast bullets I saw a velocity of over 1000fps  

Texan .308 Airgun by Airforce Airguns – First look Photos

If you are like us you have been waiting for the .308 Texan for a long time.  Now that it is finally started shipping, I have been searching the web and youtube for anything related to the texan .308.  I wanted more info like chroney strings, and accuracy testing.   I could not find anything […]

How to Fill PCP Airguns

There are three different ways you can fill your PCP airgun, ranging from low to high cost options.   PCP airguns can be filled by a high pressure hand pump, high pressure air tank, or directly from a high pressure compressor. Tell them how to fill the gun, then the different ways and effort required […]

How to tether a SCUBA or SCBA tank to your PCP airgun for prolonged shooting fun.

Normally you connect your fill adaptor to the airgun.  Then slowly open the tank valve to pressurize the gun to your desired fill level. When you finish this process, you close the tank valve, bleed off the remaining air in the lines, then finish by disconnecting the air hose.  This is standard PCP filling and […]