Looking for the easiest way to fill your PCP airgun?

Check out the Ninja SLOW FILL turn-key system which includes a 90 Cubic Inch 4500 PSI carbon fiber tank.  With this tank you can slowly and precisely fill airguns.  The best parts of this system are first how easy it is to use. With just one knob that you turn one-way to fill, and the other way to vent.  The 2nd. great feature is the fact that the tank can be filled at your local paintball shop.


When it comes to filling your Pre Charged Pneumatic - PCP airguns. We at Air Tanks Plus believe that using SCBA 4,500 PSI carbon fiber tanks are the best way to go. After using different PCP Fill Adaptors that were heavy, bulky, and hard to use, we decided to design a better solution. The result is a lightweight, compact fill system that looks great, is easy to use. Unlike other PCP fill adaptors, ours also includes a protective case to help protect your investment. STIKMAN is the first and only fill system that lets you cascade fill by connecting our CASCADEMAN or another fill adaptor (attached to a 2nd. tank) directly into the male foster fitting on stikman. STIKMAN fill adaptors are equipped with a 48" microbore fill hose (with a female foster fitting) to make filling your airgun or shooting tethered easy. Learn More...

Here at Air Tanks Plus, our goals are simple:

  • We strive to offer high quality products at reasonable prices, including free shipping where we can.
  • Educate visitors on PCP airgun tanks and related accessories.
  • Give back to the airgun community by running and maintaining our MarauderAirRifle Forum.
  • Research and identify products airgun enthusiasts may be interested in and bring them to market.
  • Think out of the box and design better products like STIKMAN.
  • Last but not least, sell stuff, lots of stuff, our stuff, the good stuff.

Checkout some of our helpful guides below

Some of them are works in progress as we really wanted to get the online store up and going for the 2016 Holiday Season.

Learn How to fill a PCP Airgun?

Tell them how to fill the gun, then the different ways and effort required to do it. for each way eBoook image (change title) Describe each way to fill Handpump Tank Compressor ------->

Air Tank Guide

Learn about the different types of air tanks, and which one is best for filling PCP airguns.? Scuba (k-valve Din) HPA Paintball CF All in one CF SCBA Where to buy them. The Average cost. and a link to the needed fill adaptor ------->

Best Tank Fill Combo for PCP Airguns

A used SCBATank & STIKMAN:') Buying Guides By: Budget (Buy in/ or cost per fill) Portability(easy to transport/ or bench rest ) Expandability Types of guns (.177 - bigbore)