When we started Air Tanks Plus, or tag line was “Air Tanks and Other Useful Stuff.” We wanted to share some of the experience we gained over the years from playing with PCP Airguns and from running the MarauderAirRifle Forum. Below you will find some of the airgun guides we are working on. We will keep updating them with the latest tips and information as we find the time.



[two_third_last]Stikman Learning Center – Stop buy and spend a few minutes and we will tell you about stikman.[/two_third_last]


[one_third]learn-about-pcp-airguns[/one_third]PCP Airgun Guides – A friendly place to learn about PCP airguns and how to fill or charge them with air.[two_third_last][/two_third_last]



Air Tank Guide – Where you can learn about the many different tanks available that can help you fill or charge your PCP airgun.

If you enjoyed  all that then please check out our Other Useful Stuff Blog we will be adding more stuff to it over time.