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Used SCBA Tank – Drager 60 Minute 4500 psi. Manufactured 06/2004


  • This batch is limited to 10 tanks, when it runs out we but the waiting list back up.
  • Drager 60 Minute 4500 P.S.I Carbon Fiber Cylinder
  • US tank manufactured 6/2004
  • Complete with USA made refurbished valve and fresh hydro test
  • Integrated tank pressure gauge included with SCBA valves
    The competition may try and up-sell you this feature for $39 extra.
  • This is a 550 ci volume tank (water holding capacity without valve)
  • 86CF to 88CF of air at 4500 psi
    At ATP we provide a honest conservative  estimate of our tanks air holding ability.  The competition will market his 550 ci tank as 97 CF of air, but it is the same size tank.
  • Works with Stikman to provide an inexpensive, flexible, and expandable PCP fill system as your needs grow.
    The competition will try to sell you a fill valve threaded in and therefore married to the tank, this makes it impossible to share the fill system between multiple air tanks.

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Save money and time by picking up a used SCBA tank that has been cleaned and refurbished.  You will get a tank that is already hydrostatically tested and certified.  The deep blue color Drager carbon fiber SCBA tanks looks awesome.

The only way yo make it look any better is to order a Stikman (sold separately) to hang off of it.


  1. Please don’t buy our SCBA tanks until you find a place that will fill them.  Some places will not be able to fill SCBA tanks.
  2. If you buy this tank and return it because you can’t fill it, you will be responsible for return shipping in the original shipping box and a 20% restocking fee.
  3. SCBA tanks/cylinders currently only have a 15 year service life.  This tank’s service life will end on 06/2019, after that you will not be able to get the tank refilled at commercial fill locations.  There is talk of the rules changing to extend the SCBA tank’s service life from 15 to 30 years, there is no time frame for when that could happen.
  4. These are used tanks that have been cleaned and refurbished. They may have some imperfections and signs of use including small chips and scratches.


Why we sell used SCBA tanks that are fully reconditioned and ready to fill

We here at Air Tanks Plus  know that a PCP fill system with a new carbon fiber 4500 psi tank can be a huge investment.  We also believe the best way to fill a PCP airgun is with a 4500psi SCBA tank paired with our Stikman PCP fill adaptor.  To combat this many PCP airgun enthusiasts have been forced to try and source low cost used SCBA tanks on eBay.  Unfortunately with the eBay tanks you never quite know what you are going to get, if the tank will hold air, if the valve on the tanks works correctly, or if the tank will pass a hydro test (required by SCBA tanks every 5 years).   If you purchase used on eBay and it doesn’t arrive with a current hydro test sticker, you are going to need to do some additional work before anyone will fill the tank.   You will need to find a hydrotest facility in your area.  Then you will need to drive over and drop off the tank for testing. This usually takes 2 to 3 days.  During that time they remove the valve from the tank (the valve is not tested or rebuilt).  They visually inspect the tank then hydrostatically test it for re-certification.  Then they clean and dry the inside of the tank and replace the valve.   If the tank passes hydro testing an official sticker is applied to the outside of the tank, then you can go back and pick it up.  The testing process usually cost $29 – $35 dollars.  If a tank fails it will be destroyed, so it can’t be refilled again.

To solve these issues we now have available fully reconditioned and tested SCBA tanks and we can sell them at an affordable price point to our customers.

Why a Big Tank is Better

Many times a dive shop or other fill station will charge you the same price to fill a small tank as they do to fill a large one with air.  So the short story is that you will save money by having to pay for fills less often.  This will also save you the time and travel to and from the fill location.  Some locations will request you drop the tank off one day and pick it up another. So count on two round trips to fill your tank.

Tip : When filling an empty tank for the first time

It is a good idea when filling a new tank to let them keep it overnight, and ask them to top it off in the morning.  When you fill tanks from empty the compression of the air generates a lot of heat.  The tanks are designed to handle it, but the tanks fill pressure will drop as the tanks cool down.  It is not as noticeable as when you are topping a tank off from 2800 to 4500 psi.  It is always a good to ask to leave the tank over night and ask them to top it off in the morning.

How Many Fills Can I Expect on my Air Airgun?

Since we run the Marauder Air Rifle Forum we will use the Marauder air rifle as an example.  The marauder has a 215CC air reservoir.   Typically it is filled up to 3000 psi and shot until the air cylinder pressure drops down to 2000 psi.  With the above example we estimate the 88CF tank will fill the marauder 57 times until the pressure in the SCBA tank equalizes with the guns fill pressure.  At that point you would need to do partial fills on the Marauder or do what we like to do and tether the fill system to the airgun.  Please note that this estimate does not take into the account the air lost during a bleed and disconnect of the fill whip.

Shipping Information

To keep our cost on the tanks low we have made arrangements to have the tank orders drop-shipped directly from the hydrotesting facility.

If you are ordering this tank along with other items from our store, the shopping cart will split the order into two shipments.  To accurately calculate the shipping price we will use real time shipping information based from Colorado to your location using UPS.  We have found that UPS ground is the most cost effective way to ship the tanks to our customers.

In most cases the tanks will be shipped out within  1 – 2 business days after the batch is ready.  Once they ship we will provide you with your online tracking information.

They will be shipped UPS ground from the hydro testing facility located in Eaton, CO.  To estimate the time to ship the tank to your location please use the UPS chart below.



Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 7 x 7 in


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