• Allows you to easily connect a 2nd. SCBA CGA-347 air tank to the STIKMAN PCP Fill adaptor (used for cascade filling.
  • Handtight CGA-347 (Connects to 2nd. SCBA Tank)
  • 24″ Microbore Hose.
  • Female Foster Fitting (connects to Stikman)
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Cascade filling airguns is a technique that allows you to squeeze out more usable air using two SCBA tanks. Please watch the video below to learn more about cascade filling. This accessory eliminates the need for a 2nd PCP fill adaptor, because you can easily connect it to a 2nd SCBA tank and your STIKMAN Fill Adaptor. For this system to work, CascadeMan needs to be connected to the tank with the lowest pressure.


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