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BoreMan – Pull Through Barrel Cleaning Kit

BoreMan – Pull Through Barrel Cleaning Kit and other useful stuff

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Key Features of the BoreMan – Pull Through Barrel Cleaning Kit
  • 36” is the standard length that accommodates most barrels
  • 40″ Extra long option available for airguns, such as the Air Force Texan with a shroud.
  • Fits  bore sizes from 177 and up.
  • Airguns or Firearms.
  • Rugged Aluminum Handle
  • Braided Spectra Cord
  • Includes Zip-Up carry case
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty, A Really Long Time
  • Free Shipping on this product for a limited time.


(2 customer reviews)
Please scroll down to learn more about the BoreMan – Pull Through Barrel Cleaning Kit including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.


Introducing BoreMan

The coolest pull-thru rifle/pistol barrel bore cleaner…perhaps ever.

quality points

When we set out to create boreman we didn’t cut corners

BoreMan Aluminum Handle

Aluminum Handle

CNC machined aluminum handle is practically indestructible, anodized red...and looks cool.

BoreMade with Spectra Line

Braided Spectra Pull Cord

500lb test braided Spectra pull cord is 15 times stronger than steel, 30% stronger than Aramid/Kevlar and has the highest abrasion resistance of any synthetic fiber.


Black Sheath

The PVC sheath is chemical resistant and will not damage the barrel crown.


Zip-Up Case

The Zip-Up case keeps your BoreMan and extras in one place.

BoreMan is Easy to Use


Step 1 Insert the end of the BoreMan into the barrel

Insert the looped end from the muzzle end



Grab the Loop


Load a cleaning patch or string

Load a cleaning patch or string


BoreMan how it works step four

Pull the patch out to clean the barrel

How well Does BoreMan Work?

look what happened when We grabbed an old air gun and cleaned it with the boreman


In the above example you can see how effective our pull through barrel cleaner can be at removing crud from a barrel.  The patches were pulled through a 177 caliber airgun with our BoreMan.

Sample Cleaning supplies included

You can use the samples to find what works best for you

BoreMan Bore Barrel Cleaning Kit Includes Patches and Cleaning Strings

Cleaning Patches

We will send three different sizes of barrel cleaning patches.  You can work out which size or combination works best in your guns

About the Cleaning patches included with the BoreMan Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Strings

We will also send you some cleaning strings to see if you like them better than the patches

How to use the Cleaning Strings included with the BoreMan barrel cleaning kit

then buy the stuff you like in bulk to save money.

You can find the cleaning patches at your local discount store that has a sporting goods department.

BoreMan FAQ

Yes, you will need to get yourself a plastic straw. The straw will allow you to create a rigid path through the holes in the center of the baffles. Once the straw bottoms out against the end of the barrel, simply slide the looped end through the straw. You will leave the straw in and seated against the barrel until you pull the patch back through the barrel. The patch will then pull the straw out with it. Then repeat for each patch. Please note the straw needs to be longer than the distance from the end of the shroud to the barrel.

.17 to infinity and beyond.

You're going to enjoy using it

BoreMan is compact, and just the right size

We all know we have to clean our guns

So you may as well look cool and have fun doing it

You have been a good boy right? So why not...

Get your hands on a BoreMan before they are gone


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Overall Length

36" Standard, 40" XL

UPC: 752273000026

2 reviews for BoreMan – Pull Through Barrel Cleaning Kit

  1. rseher

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  2. Gary Kretsinger (verified owner)

    I like just about everything about the Bore Man pull through cleaning tool. The PVC sheath allows the tool to be easily fed through the barrel without fear of damaging the rifling or muzzle crown and the pull cord loop gives you great flexibility on how big or small (and therefore how tight) you want your cleaning patches to be. It will allow you to clean the barrel of every airgun you own, no matter what the caliber, just by varying the size of the patches. The Bore Man is well-made and should last a long time. The only thing I could wish for is second version about 18″ long for cleaning short barrel weapons like handguns.

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