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97CF Tank , SCBA StikMan PCP Airgun Fill System

97CF Tank , SCBA StikMan PCP Airgun Fill System and other useful stuff

Air Tanks Plus also sells PCP Fill AdaptorsPCP Fittings, Custom Hoses, Tank Bags, and Much more…

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Key Features of the 97CF Tank , SCBA StikMan PCP Airgun Fill System

Pick what you want and save… You can create your own custom PCP airgun fill system.

  1. Pick your Tank (only one to choose from at the moment)
  2. Pick the used SCBA Tank Valve.
  3. Pick the StikMan (attaches to the valve and to fill your airgun)
  4. Pick an optional tank carrying bag Un-check the boxes to remove them from the bundle.

During Checkout you will see two shipping charges.  One will be for the Tank box and another for the Valve and StikMan (we ship separate boxes to avoid damage)
More details can be found below.

From $843.73

Save on your Tank and StikMan bundle
Air Tank
New 4,500 psi carbon fiber air tank
Air Tanks Plus 97 Cu Ft 4500 psi Tank
1 × Air Tanks Plus 97 CF 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tank | 550 Cu In - DOT Approved Tank

25 in stock

Tank Valve
Used SCBA CGa-347 Tank Valve
StikMan PCP Airgun Fill Adapter
StikMan is available in regular and XL, the regular and XL refers to the length of the female quick disconnect. If you have or plan on buying an FX PCP airgun go for the XL!
Air Tanks Plus Padded Tank Bag
Protect your investment with a tank carry bag.
Please be patient after clicking the add to cart button it takes a few seconds to reach out to UPS and get a shipping quote. we're working on the issue.
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Please scroll down to learn more about the 97CF Tank , SCBA StikMan PCP Airgun Fill System including additional photos and a product video or two if we have them.

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